Professional Photo Retouching for Fashion, Beauty and Portrait

Professional retouching techniques are used to enhance beauty and environment while retaining texture and quality of the image. From small modifications such as blemish removal or color corrections to magazine-quality perfection. All skin work is performed through meticulous methods to arrive at the best quality possible.

Touch-up or Pixel Perfect?

Level I Retouch

Light Skin Detailing
Color Correction
White Balance
Brightness and Contrast
Flyaway Hairs
Background Clean-up

best for portrait, event, headshots, client proofs
5 – 20 minutes

See sample of Level I photo retouch

Level II Retouch

Level I plus:
Mid-level Skin Detailing
Clothing Retouch
Face and Body Sculpting to correct proportions
Special Effects and Color Grading
Small-scale Photo Collage
Background Removal or Change

best for fashion, portrait, glamour, boudoir, editorial, bridal
.5 – 2 hours

See sample of Level II photo retouch

Level III Retouch

Level I and II plus:
Pixel-level skin perfecting
Retouch at high-magnification with close attention to detail on colors and textures
Complex Photo Collage

best for beauty, glamour, editorial
2 – 7 hours


See sample of Level III photo retouch

*Rates based on complexity of retouching, not time needed to finish.